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Francine M. Rasa
Vice President, Primary P & C Claims
AIG Domestic Claims, Inc.
Like many working women, I have a very stressful life. I work a high pressure job, commute nearly two hours into the city every day, try to keep a nice house and am a migraineur. Due to my disease, I have complemented my traditional medicine therapy of triptan drugs and anti-seizure prescriptions with natural healing modalities. If anyone needs to be detoxed once in a while it is me.

Why do I prefer reflexology above all other modalities, (such as acupuncture, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, kinesiology and reiki to just name a few that I have tried)? Perhaps it is because reflexology provides me with stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved circulation, increased energy, a balancing of emotions and an improved immune system all in a few treatments!

As a migraine sufferer, I am sometimes so sensitive to touch that working directly on my head or neck (areas of pain for most migraineurs) is just too uncomfortable. By working only on the feet, reflexology is more effective at alleviating my pain than if the energy was applied directly. Reflexology seems to help interrupt the pain process as it cleanses the lymph system and relaxes the body.

It is also amazing how accurately our feet express the condition of our entire bodies.

I would encourage anyone interested in alternative healing to try reflexology. Unlike my prescription medicines, the only side effect I have experienced after a reflexology session is a profound sense of well being!

And besides all that, who doesn’t love a foot rub after a long, hard day at the office?
Kristen Mangione
Ballet/modern dancer, Dance Space Center, New York, NY
"I was surprised at how deeply relaxing and soothing reflexology is not only for my feet, but for my whole body. As a dancer, I welcome any work on my feet. They take such abuse both barefoot and in dance shoes. The powerful strokes of reflexology along the arch and ankles are heavenly. But what I really love is the more my feet are treated, the better my body feels! I can feel enormous tension in my legs, hips, back and shoulders begin to melt away, another plus after long hours in the studio. They say the feet are our last connection to the earth, so they remember every tension in our body. Having reflexology is the perfect antidote."
Barbara Jean Keane
I feel blessed to know Marina for several years now. She not only provides me with relief from so many of my physical pains (due to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and stress related symptoms) but she also lightens my emotional/psychological burdens. It is through Marinas gentle touch, use of essential oils, acupuncture, laser treatments and other methods of care, that I leave her office with a sense of overall well-being. In addition, Marina is gifted with a tremendous wealth of knowledge about the human body, various conditions, essential oils and chinese medicine. And if there is something that Marina does not know, she is eager to research the problem. I am forever learning something from Marina. I feel a sense of peace after I see Marina.

Thank you!
Anne Backes
About six years ago my body seemed to turn on me. A virus attacked my heart and I was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure); I also started to experience aches and pains that were limiting my daily functions. A specialist at Columbia Presbyterian explained that I had developed rheumatoid arthritis--closely linked to some cardiac conditions. Medical doctors prescribed steroids along with other medications.

Then, I found Marina. She has guided me through the pain in my joints: shoulders, hands, knees, wrists and fingers. I was able to avoid steroids, replacing them with her seemingly magical fingers. I have been blessed physically and spiritually through Marina's care. I cannot begin to thank her for the quality she has brought to my life. Marina is truly a compassionate human being and a wonderful friend!
Jenna Davis
I have been going to Zen Touch Acupuncture for years. Marina and Denis are always such a pleasure to see. They have helped me tremendously and I look forward to treatment every week. I always leave feeling better, walking out with a smile on my face. Highly recommended!
Barbara VanDenBerg
Marina and Denis are a treasure for your health! I have been visiting Zen Touch for 4 years and my health has never been better. I now opt for Zen Touch's holistic therapy vs. modern medicine. Marina listens very closely to your symptoms and then uses her vast well of knowledge to assess to how to best treat your whole body. Whenever I feel pain, I can count on a visit to Zen Touch to bring me back to optimum health. I take advantage of Zen Touch's acupuncture, stimulation, deep tissue massage, cupping and candle waxing, just to name a few of their skills. I especially appreciate the time, concern and compassion that Marina and Denis show their patients.
Anita Zito
I contemplated going to acupuncture for quite a while before actually making my first appointment. A very good friend had been receiving acupuncture treatments for a variety of health issues and strongly encouraged me to try the treatment as well. It was helping her to feel much better and healthier.

I had been to numerous doctors for a variety of health related issues without answers or relief. I finally decided to contact Marina and Denis for an initial intake appointment. Although I was apprehensive, they quickly eased my fears and I was ready for my first treatment. It went very smoothly and I have been hooked since that first appointment. I have been going to acupuncture weekly for a variety of health issues as well as injuries sustained during a fall. The treatments truly helped me to recover more quickly from these injuries and I was able to resume my normal activities in a short period of time. The initial condition of the swelling in my right hand has significantly decreased and additionally I have regained some strength in this hand. I have also had back issues for years and when I had a recent flair up, Marina and Denis were able to provide me with much needed relief in one treatment. I was very appreciative as the pain was debilitating. Along with helping me with physical problems, acupuncture has helped me to relax and be in the moment. Marina has patiently worked with me on this area and I have gradually been able to feel more relaxed and grounded after each treatment. I am truly thankful for Marina and Denis and the treatments they provide in a kind, relaxed and accepting manner. I highly recommend acupuncture treatment for anyone who is experiencing physical and/or emotional pain. Marina and Denis are truly professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable. They will provide you with a treatment plan suited for your individual needs. All that you need to do is to contact them and be open to receiving the healing treatments they provide.
Ralph Zaccaro
Marina & Dennis relieved me from terrible pain from a bone spur in my foot that the doctors said only surgery can relieve. They said months of rehab & weeks of a heavy big Boot. would be required afterward.
Marina worked her magic and now I walk pain free!!!!!!
The podiatrist can not believe that my pain is gone. He examined my foot and the irritation.

Thank you ZEN TOUCH Acupuncture!!!
Sherron McGoldrick
I have been working with Marina for almost 13 years. She is so knowledgeable and gentle in every aspect of her services. Qualities that she has also passed down to her son Denis. She explains exactly why she is doing the procedure, so you have a comfort level. Marina has been so helpful with my Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you are in pain, this is the place to go. and FYI Denis also gives excellent therapeutic massages.

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